Stripe Billing Information

Attention: in July of 2020 Apex-writers switched to stripe to handle our billing. If you joined before July of 2020 you will then need to use the paypal forms. If you do not remember when you joined, or are not sure if you used stripe of paypal, please email swolvert07@gmail.com so we can check our records.

Update Billing info: Card expiring or have a new one? This option will maintain current subscription price (i.e monthly billing will stay monthly at same rate)

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Upgrade to yearly billing. (i.e, you have been paying monthly billing price, but would like the year subscription discounted price of $209.00 dollars)

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Cancel your account. This option will end your subscription and you will lose access to the site after your next bill is due. We are sorry to see you go, and if there is something we can do to improve the site, or circumstances surrounding your cancelation please reach out to mystorydoctor@gmail.com

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