The Community

The vision of Apex in part is to create a vast network of writers that help and teach one another. That is why our community features are so important to us!



Our platform allows you to create a customizable profile where you are able to add information about yourself and your writing.

Members Directory

You then can search our member directory to connect with other writers that can help you on your path to success! Our members write anything from fantasy to science-fiction, romance to lit RPG. We are sure you will find people to connect with.


The Group tool allows members to interact with a particular interest in mind. These groups can
been be made public or private to other members. They allow group discussions and Zoom
integration. You can take our offered courses together, and even instantly message others for
writing sprints or just to have fun. These groups are a perfect way to connect with your writing friends and brainstorm all those crazy stories floating around in your head. Or, you can form writers rings designed to help group members sell more widely!


Need to do some copyediting, but don’t know how? Need help trying to find an agent? Maybe you are a little stuck on how to transition two big scenes. Whatever your problem, you have access the Apex forum. There you can ask questions and learn everything you need to reachyour apex—though we do ask that you return the favor!

Last but not least..

Our Facebook Group

After you sign up, you will be invited to join our Facebook group. We maintain our group only for members of Apex. We use the functions that Facebook provides to disseminate some info that our site might not be able to provide, such as the easy sharing of relevant events, conferences, and such, or employing the services of other Apex members under quick notice.